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This year for Moharram, IABAT is the honor to have Al Hajj Mustafa Masood Al-Najafi. Here is a brief bio of Hajj Mustafa; Al-Hajj Mustafa Masood Al-Najafi is a Islamic speaker originally from the city of Najaf. He moved to the U.K after his family migrated from Iraq to England due to the oppression and tyranny they faced. After moving to London, England he managed to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Science. He later was involved in the first exclusively English Shia Muslim channel "Ahlulbayt TV" and is part of the research and production team at the channel. Al-Hajj Mustafa studied in the Islamic Hawza in London under the supervision of Sheikh Shomali and now he is enrolled in the Hawza in his hometown Najaf.

All Majalis will be from Tuesday, September 11 through Sunday, September 23 after Salat Maghreb & Isha.

Please find below link for Moharram Sponsorship. This file is open for anyone to edit so please feel free to edit and add your name next to dates. Like previous years, we plan to have To-Go dinner in all nights except Moharram 9 (Shab Ashoor) and Day of Ashura (Moharram 10).

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Imam Ali Ibne Abu Talib a.s.