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Resident Aalim

Meet Our Resident Scholar

We are blessed to have an extraordinary scholar in Dr. Mehdi Hazari as our resident scholar who keeps our community engaged in positive and effective activities through his religious knowledge.

He enjoys a very special bond with the youth of the community as like most of them he was also born and raised in the West which enables him to successfully connect with them at personal level. Dr. Mehdi was born in Toronto, Canada and was educated in Florida where he earned his Bachelor of science degree, Dr. Mehdi earned his Phd from prestigious Johns Hopkins University in environmental sciences.

Dr. Mehdi works at US Environmental Protection Agency as a research scientist, in 2011 he was awarded Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers it is the highest honor bestowed by the U.S. government on outstanding science and engineering professionals in the early stages of their independent research careers.

Dr. Mehdi’s lectures are very well organized and generally targeted at educating our youth. He got involved in Islamic studies from very early age and was influenced by his highly knowledgeable father and loving mother. He recently has been working with Sheikh Mohammed Al-Ali Al-Halabi to enrich his religious knowledge. Dr. Mehdi is central to the community’s various activities, picnics, volunteer activities, IABAT school and travels to various parts of USA for speeches and lectures.

His message to the triangle shia community in particular and general shia communities in general is:

"The struggle of Rasulallah (sawa) and the Imams (as) was always in the pursuit of advancing humanity through the religion of Allah (ST). This mission sought to preserve the dignity of human beings while promoting our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. As such, each individual not only transforms him or herself but also becomes a source of change and improvement for the community. It is with this goal that we engage each other and support the activities that benefit us all, especially our children. So let us work together to promote this legacy not only for our community but for all our fellow citizens."

Imam Ali Ibne Abu Talib a.s.