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Our Faith

Our Faith

Our faith is based on the Oneness of Allah, or 'God' in Arabic. Intrinsic to this foundation is the belief in the absolute justice of God and the religion He has chosen for us. Shia Muslims then believe in all the divinely chosen prophets and messengers, may God's blessings be upon them all, as the conveyors of God's message on earth and His immaculate representatives. From among them we believe that Prophet Muhammad is the seal of the prophets and the most revered of God's creation and his progeny, the Imams or divinely-chosen guides, are the continued beacons of God's guidance on earth. Finally, we believe in the Day of Reckoning when each person will have to account for his or her actions and receive God's judgement. Our faith and religion stress the importance of human dignity and encourage personal advancement, not only for the improvement of each person's physical, emotional and spiritual status but also to improve the condition of our communities through engagement with all citizens and charitable contributions. We hold strongly to our identities as American Shia Muslims and at the same time seek dialogue and promotion of tolerance and understanding between all groups..

Courtesy: Dr Mehdi Hazari

Imam Ali Ibne Abu Talib a.s.