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IABAT Weekend School


Welcome to the IABAT Weekend School. We are a weekend Islamic school offering a full curriculum of Holy Quran and Islamic studies for students ranging in age from 4 to 18 years. With 10 full- and part-time teachers and more then 80 students, IABAT Weekend School is committed to providing the valuable Islamic teachings available to us as Muslims through the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (sawa) and his holy Ahl Al-Bayt (as).


The mission of IABAT Weekend School is to provide our students with a solid foundation of Quranic recitation with proper pronunciation but equally emphasizing the importance of understanding the message of God’s divine book. As such, students are encouraged to learn the terminology of The Holy Quran and the etiquette with which it must be read. Students are also taught a broad range of topics in Islamic studies. These include akhlaq (ethics and behavior), tareekh (history), a’qaid (fundamental beliefs) and particularly for our teenagers, fiqh (religious laws and rules). Not only do these studies seek to educate our students on the basics of Islamic theory and practice, but also provide a tool that will aid them in facing contemporary challenges, especially in our Western societies. We believe that a well-rounded approach that includes spiritual, practical and social aspects will equip our youth as they grow up and become contributing members of our communities and the nation at large. Our school depends on the dedication and hard work of volunteers, those who are invested in fostering an identity for our children.


Students are assigned to one of seven classes based on their age; however, teachers provide extra/supplemental instruction to students who need to catch up with the curriculum. If you are new to the area or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Chahnaz Kbaisi-Hazari

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